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리들샷 100

Product Info

Why we love it
Ingredients in the form of microneedles smaller than pores are absorbed into dull skin as it gets stimulated to improve the condition.
Deeper, faster, and better absorption has been proven through clinical trials.
Ingredients in the form of microneedles open the absorption path into the skin. These microneedle-type ingredients are thinner than the pores and they gently stimulate the skin to help active ingredients better absorb by opening up the absorption path on the skin.
According to the reviews, people can address skin problems on their own; exfoliation helps the skin becomes overall bright, smooth, and radiant; the skin feels more shiny and smooth in three days; dead skin cells are removed and the skin glows; the skin feels more elastic after three days; and skin feels much more moisturized after three days.
The product heats the purified microneedle-type ingredients and Cica ingredients together in a vacuum while the Cica ingredients get absorbed through fine pores and empty spaces.
The ingredients for Cica Reedle in Reedle Shot change colour to light brown after refining as the Centella Asiatica Extract impregnation process, which is VT's proprietary process, has been added.
DEEP, which has been proven in clinical trials, improves skin texture by increasing the depth, amount, and speed of absorption.
With one-time use, it noticeably improved rough skin texture and absorption amount, depth, and speed.
The product has a 100% satisfaction rate with its skin absorption amount, absorption depth, absorption speed improvement, and skin texture improvement. 100% also said that the product is satisfactory, willing to recommend it, willing to repurchase, and overall performance is satisfactory.
Moisturizing formulation quickly absorbs to help deliver active ingredients and improve skin texture.
The product has a tingling sensation which is natural and unique to the product and it occurs in the process of absorbing nutrients; it is recommended to adjust the amount and frequency of use according to individual conditions; it works better to massage it rather than rubbing.
It is a product that has undergone a skin irritation test and has a skin reaction of 0.00.
The product is recommended for skin that needs to be properly addressed by penetrating active ingredients deeply; skin tired from repetitive and painful treatments; skin that needs improvement but has the burden of cost; skin without much difference even with various skincare routines; skin that wants to be smooth and healthy again.
Featured ingredients
By adding Centella Asiatica ingredients to the 99% pure microneedle-type ingredients, it opens the way for absorption as well as has a powerful soothing effect.
It contains Centella Asiatica Extract, triple Hyaluronic Acid, Centella 4X Complex, and Green Propolis Extract which help soothe, supply moisture, and strengthen moisturization.
It contains AMINO-ACID COMPLEX which helps moisturize and protect the skin barrier.
It contains low-molecular Hyaluronic Acid which helps moisturize and strengthen the moisture barrier.
How to use
For skin care in the evening, take an appropriate amount on a clean face and apply it gently with your fingers.


Essence 50 mL

Why we love it

Reedle Shot

A beauty device for your skin
Tackles both pore and
skin texture issues

for true skin beauty

106 Crowns Winner: Total number of awards for the product
and as a VT brand in Japan (internal survey, Jan. 2020–Jun. 2023)
Clinical Test Completed for Reedle Shot 300’s Better Absorption: Indicates the completion
of a test for improved absorption with Reedle Shot 300 + the brand’s essence sample
compared to the use of the brand’s essence sample alone

Pores in
2 Aspects



Sensitive Skin
Patch Test

Suitable for

Awakening energy
from within1)
not from the outside

CICA REEDLETM refers to microsized,
naturally derived2) microparticulate ingredients
to aid skin absorption. It is 14 times thinner than
the pores. CICA REEDLETM has a physical derma
delivery system that aids in absorption and
delicately stimulates the skin, making it feel
soft and smooth.

Approx. 220 µm of the
pore size

Centella asiatica Extract

1) Stratum corneum of the skin
2) Refers to mineral origin
*Limited to the features of the ingredient

The microsized, delicate shape of CICA REEDLETM
aids in skin absorption and helps to awaken
the skin to its natural, healthy state.

Delivering CICA
to the skin

Delivering CICA
to the skin

your skin’s
natural health

Enzymatically refined,
pure white enriched
with green CICA

VT special care with the soothing power of
CICA awakens the skin while aiding in the
absorption of active ingredients


silica ingredient

as a result

Silica, Cantele
asiatica Extract

1 enzymatic fermentation
process plus 16 total
refining processes]

CICA ingredients

What is a VA System?

The raw material used for the REEDLE Shot turns into
light brown in color after purification and impregnation
of Centella asiatica Extract, VT’s proprietary process.

Purified silica is heated
with the cica component
under reduced pressure.

CICA ingredients are
absorbed into
microscopic holes.

Featured ingredients

tested REEDLE SHOT 100
Suitable for acne-prone skin

Test name: Non-Comedogenic Test for
「VT REEDLE SHOT100」 and 1 Controlled Product
Testing agency: SOUKEN Co., Ltd. (Japan)
Subject: 10 Japanese men aged 20–59
Testing period: Jun. 13–27, 2023

Clinically tested to
adjust in the deep
layers of the skin

Clinically proven to improve pore and skin texture3)
Improves pore and skin texture by increasing
the depth, amount, and speed of absorption

After just 2 weeks
of use Vertically-enlarged
pores and pore count
reduced (immediately)

Compared to Before

Vertically-enlarged pores (length) reduced

(immediately) by 31.25%

Pore count reduced

(immediately) by 38.08%

Clinically tested to
adjust in the deep
layers of the skin

Clinically proven to improve the texture of deeper
layers of the skin3) Improves skin texture by
increasing the depth, amount, and speed
of absorption

Say goodbye to
rough skin with a single
use Improves skin texture

Visible improvement
in the amount, depth, and
speed of absorption

*The closer the color is to red, the more it is absorbed

Compared to the use of VT’s essence sample alone,
REEDLE SHOT 100 + VT’s essence sample together
showed increase in the total amount of absorption

+ 108.31 µg/cm3
Test name: Half Test Human Skin Test for Skin
Absorption Amount, Depth, Speed Improvement,
and Skin Texture(Roughness) Improvement
Testing agency: KC Skin Research Center
Testing period: Feb. 6–13, 2023
Subject: 20 women aged 20–59

*Restuls may vary per individual.
3) Skin roughness

Sensitive Skin Patch Test Completed
Primary Skin Irritation Test Completed

proven to be low-irritant

Patch test results
on sensitive skin

The REEDLE SHOT 100 was tested
on Japanese adults aged 20–60
with sensitive skin and was determined
to have a skin sensitivity index of 0.0.

Test name: Patch test on subjects with sensitive skin of
「VT REEDLE SHOT100」Testing agency: Kirei Testing Labo Co.,Ltd (Japan)
Subject: 22 Japanese men and women with sensitive skin, aged 20–60
Testing period: Apr. 17–19, 2023

Results of primary skin
irritation assessment
by skin patch test

REEDLE SHOT 100 was judged to be a nonirritant
in a human skin patch test designed
to assess primary skin irritation

Test name: A human skin patch test for primary skin irritation
Testing agency: Korea Institute of Dermatological Sciences
Testing period: Jan. 18–Feb. 17, 2023
Subject: 30 people aged 21–63

Stimulates dull skin for
better absorption with

Calms down sensitive skin
with VT proprietary

Calming and

Boosts the absorption
of active ingredients

Hydrating, barrier-protecting


Hydrating, barrier-fortifying

*CICA HYALRONTM: Centella asiatica Extract + Hyaluronic Acid
with 3 Different Molecular Weights
+ Centella 4x Complex + Green Propolis Extract
*CICA REEDLETM: Silica, Centella asiatica Extract
*Amino Acid Complex: Glycine, Serine, Glutamic Acid,
Aspartic Acid, Leucine,
Alanine, Lycine, Arginine, Tyrosine, Phenylalanine,
Threoninne, Proline, Valine, Isoleucine, Histidine, Methionine, Cysteine
*Low Molecular Hyaluronic Acid: Sodium Hyaluronate

*The description above is limited to the features of the ingredients.

How to use


1) REEDLE SHOT is a skin-care booster used as a first step after
cleansing. Apply an appropriate amount to a clean, bare face.

2) Massage over the face in a rolling motion to boost absorption
and finish by pressing your face firmly with your hands.

3) Please adjust the amount and frequency of use according
to your skin’s condition and be sure to follow up with a
moisturizer and sunscreen before going out.

4) MILD REEDLE SHOT 50 can be used together with products
of different content, but do not use REEDLE SHOT
100/300/700/1000 at the same time. Please refer to the
[Calendar] below when using the products together.

*REEDLE SHOT is an intensive skin-care regimen that may cause a tingling
sensation, and the level of tingling varies depending on its content.
We recommend using the MILD REEDLE SHOT 50 or REEDLE SHOT 100,
which are the least intense for first-time use.

Precautions for using the

Do not use with a beauty device.

Exposure to high temperature, light, and
stimulation from LED masks or other skin-care
devices can cause severe skin irritation and is not
recommended for use with the product.

Do not use immediately after
dermatological procedures.

After dermatological procedures, the skin is highly
irritated so it is recommended that you wait until
the skin has fully recovered before using the product.
(Recommended to wait at least 2 weeks before use;
do not use if you experience any side effects after
laser treatment)

If you have sensitive skin that is susceptible
to pain, perform a test on the local area before use.

(Local area pretest: test on the inside of your arm or behind
your earlobe to check for allergies before use)

Avoid using on wounded areas of the skin.

Be careful not to get it into your eyes or on the lips.

Redness, stinging, burning, dryness, and itching
may occur after use, but these symptoms are
from the nature of the ingredients of CICA REEDLETM
and should be avoided if you are sensitive to these skin
It will subside over time and is not a common side effect,
but keep in mind that it can happen.

Recommended to use after recovery when
you have viral sores on your skin

If you have viral infection such as herpes
(wherein acyclovir ointment is prescribed)

You may experience skin peeling after using the
product, but this is a reaction to the product’s
exfoliation process. Thus, do not remove the
dead skin cells deliberately, and just moisturize
the skin thoroughly as it will gradually exfoliate
your skin for a smoother and softer feel with
a continued use of REEDLE SHOT.

Tingling sensation may vary.

The tingling sensation may vary from person
to person because of individual differences and
conditions, differences in pain sensitivity, and
variations in the content of natural ingredients.

If you have been using REEDLE SHOT products
continuously for more than 6 months, your skin
may become duller than it was when you first
applied it. If you notice this, we recommend
taking a break of about 2–3 weeks before
using the product again.


AMPOULE have the same main ingredients, but the specific formulation
a trial product that is recommended to be used once immediately after
opening, so it can be used once per pack, totalling 6 times. The existing
REEDLE SHOT 300 comes in an airless container that can be used freshly
at any time in the desired amount, and the number of times and duration
of use can be adjusted according to individual usage.
*This is an entry-level cost-effective product with the same main
ingredients but different formulations, packaging, and dosage.

Q. I have a tingling sensation after using it. Would that be OK?

REEDLE SHOT contains micro-sized, naturally occurring microparticles
that may sting when applied, but they will be shed naturally with
dead skin cells. We recommend adjusting the amount and
frequency of use according to your skin.

Q. Is it applicable to sensitive skin?

The REEDLE SHOT 100 has completed patch testing on sensitive skin,
noncomedogenic testing, and primary skin irritation testing in Japan.
However, we recommend that you test on a small area of your skin
before use, hydrate the skin sufficiently, and avoid intense heat and
UV rays.

Q. Are there any ingredients that shouldn’t be used with REEDLE SHOT?

None, but if an ingredient is warned to irritate, test it first and adjust
the amount and frequency.